Welcome to EPA, the EUMETSAT Pensioners' Association

EPA was founded in December 2010. In December 2012, EPA was formally entered into the German register for associations, its name thus suffixed by the abbreviation "e.V.", leading to the name of the Association "EUMETSAT Pensionäre e.V."

The Association aims at:

  • representing the pension-related rights and interests of the members of the Association;
  • facilitating members to stay in contact with EUMETSAT and with each other.

The Association shall therefore:

  • keep its members informed of measures affecting their rights and interests;
  • discuss all relevant issues and bring the Association’s opinion to the attention of EUMETSAT;
  • act as interlocutor between its members, the EUMETSAT Director-General and the EUMETSAT Staff Association Committee (SAC).


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How to join EPA:

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Access to the EPA restricted access pages (all pages except 'Home Page' and 'Membership'):

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First use the 'Register' button on the Login Page

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    • you will receive confirmation of this registration;
    • the Site Administrator will be informed automatically; he will verify the correctness of the given data and your EPA member status with the EPA Secretary and will then activate you as a registered user of the EPA website;
    • you will automatically be informed of this step (e-mail) and be granted access to the EPA website restricted access pages.

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